Today is a beautiful day!

January 21, 2015
As I came home from my early morning workout, listening to my book on Audible, and thinking about all the things I have to do today: improve my marketing materials, follow up leads, rework my logo, order my backdrop… well you get the idea, it’s a very busy time. But the view I saw traveling north on the 23, just took my breath away. The sun was shining and everything is so green from our recent rains. It’s just a beautiful time to live in the Conejo valley. There is one place on that freeway where the hills in the distance are framed by a freeway overpass, it always makes me smile, more so when it is so lush as it is now.  This morning, the beauty all around me was lit with bright sunshine; but in the valley, as though it was Brigadoon, hung a dense cover of white billowy fog resting like a blanket over the valley ahead of me. The contrast between the white fog and the green rolling hills surrounding the valley was memorizing… Lucky me to see that this morning!  I wished that I could find a place from which to photograph that, and though I’m not a landscape photographer, it would have been an incredible shot!

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