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Karen Myer Levine reviewed Kitti McMeel Photography

Kitti! What a spectacular experience we had with you at your studio. My Mom had some reservations on getting her hair and makeup done and taking “fancy Pictures” Kitti you are a master at your craft a true artist.
Lily, my Mom and especially me had such a great day with you. You made us feel at ease and most of all we had fun. Viewing our portraits yesterday afternoon literally brought tears to my eyes. They are so beautiful and my Husband Larry’s reaction was so heartwarming along with excitement he really was surprised at the Art he was looking upon. You are amazing!

Lei-Ann Mulford Ibbotson

One of the most fun experiences that I have had was investing in a portrait session with Kitti McMeel. I included having my hair and makeup done at her studio by one of her talented associates which was so fun. Kitti made me feel so comfortable while she took picture after picture. She had me laughing and then crying. So many emotions were brought out for me. When the day came to look at the proofs I could not believe that they were actually pictures of me. Each one was absolutely beautiful. Each capturing a different emotion. I had just recently gone through a divorce and would be using these pictures for a dating site. Well they worked. I’m happily married and my husband still had one of Kitti’s beautiful pictures as his phone screen saver. Our personal joke became “Are you a model?”
Thank you for making me feel so beautiful during a difficult time in my life. I highly recommend a photo session with this incredible artist.

Ilyse Baker reviewed Kitti McMeel Photography

Kitti! Hilton and I had an amazing experience today on our maternity shoot at your studios! Thank you for making our shoot so enjoyable and comfortable. Your attention to detail to capture the perfect shots says so much about you and your work. We know that you captured some million dollar shots! Today was absolutely priceless and incredibly memorable for us as a couple as we get ready to welcome our little bundle of joy into the World. We cannot thank you enough! xoxo

Barbara Brinkmoeller-Murray Cornwall reviewed Kitti McMeel Photography

Kitti captures your best qualities. Our portraits are a treasure for life!
When I am having a bad day I look at my portrait and they make me smile.

Teresa Lawsky reviewed Kitti McMeel Photography

I don’t usually like photos of myself. Kitti made it all so easy and fun and the photographs are amazing! I love them. Kitti McMeel, you are the best. Thank you!

Michele Marshall Hicks reviewed Kitti McMeel Photography

My words really can’t express my love and gratitude for Kitti! It’s not simply knowing how to capture the moment or how to stage the scene…she has this way of connecting with you…she makes it fun, personal, hilarious, and intimate…her photographs and videos tell the story.

Kitti’s love and passion is not just about the photo shoot, her love and passion for all of life shows in her completed work. To watch Maddie’s reactions of excitement when she saw the video and then the pictures of our Mother & Daughter day was pure joy…watching Matt’s reaction…beyond priceless! Thank you Kitti for a lifetime memory and we can’t wait to book our family photo shoot!

Heather Karr Johnson reviewed Kitti McMeel Photography

Kitty really knows how to make someone who doesn’t like getting their photo taken feel comfortable. She has a knack for bringing the best out of people. A true artist with a devotion to making people happy.

Stacey Philipsen recommends Kitti McMeel Photography

A mutual friend introduced me to the beautiful Kitti McMeel – a very talented professional photographer.
My own mother passed away in 2008. I miss her tremendously and regret not really knowing her whole story. Who she was as a woman separate from a mother and a wife. I left home when I was 23 to work and travel the world. I had my own daughter when I was 39. That’s a lot of years in between so I’ve started a journal to chronicle who I was and still am other than her mother. And while we have a gazillion iPhone photos, I wanted to be captured in print with her at this tender age (9) where she still adores me…because this is the one piece of my mother that I wish I had. A glimpse into her being from her perspective.
Kitty provides her prints on archival paper in an elegant keepsake box. Of course I have the digital prints but she also surprised us with a video collage captured from the session. It’s these extra touches and her incredible eye that made this whole experience so meaningful. I’m forever grateful Kitty!
If you’re looking for a photographer give Kitti McMeel Photography a call – I can’t recommend her enough.

Sarie Vassallo recommends Kitti McMeel Photography

I have brought my daughters multiple times and each time has been an amazing experience!! Kitti is the best at what she does, and I look forward to seeing her again in the future.

Christina Nepstad

Thank you Kitti McMeel! You are a brilliant photographer with unbelievable talent. I love my pictures and enjoyed every minute with you in that gorgeous studio of yours!!!

Maria Prescott

Hi, Kitti,
Wow! What a day! Can’t believe it all came together so well! You are truly amazing!
Grandma Jane called to tell us a neighbor at University Village showed her a Generations picture on Facebook! I haven’t been on Facebook lately so we hadn’t seen it. Everyone looks great!
Thank you for giving this special day your “all,” as you always do. So very, very talented, you are.
Sending hugs!

Jean Laninga recommends Kitti McMeel Photography

I had a glamour session! With Kitti McMeel here in Phoenix during for the Portrait Masters Conference. I felt beautiful. I looked beautiful, and she photographed me beautiful. I love these images of me! And, like most of my clients, I feel I don’t photograph easily because I’ve had a lot of BAD images taken in the past. I really didn’t want any more. Kitti KNOWs what she is doing and I trusted the process. I’m so glad I did, I had the time of my life!


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Kitti McMeel Photography
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byPam 09/19/2020 onKitti McMeel Photography

My photo shoot with Kitti was such a wonderful experience and soooo much fun!! Kitti creates such a relaxed, celebratory and supportive environment...including music and a great make-up artist. I never felt rushed and she thoughtfully picked out a variety of looks. Kitti is a true professional and my all time best experience getting photographed!

byMaria Viola Sanchez onKitti McMeel Photography

I have had the unique opportunity to sit with Kitti twice. July 2019 and August 2020 were the sessions. In 2019 I took photos by myself to capture my face the day before I had surgery to remove a tumor on my nose. I wanted a record of what I looked like before the surgery, in case something drastic happened. The 2020 photos were inspired by my boyfriend's birthday. I wanted to have a keepsake for him and his daughter as well as to capture the two of us as we celebrated his 70th birthday.
Both experiences were exquisite! Kitti brings out the best in you, and she works diligently to do so. I recall both of my sessions fondly, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!