Reinventing yourself after 60


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Excerpt from Foreword.

And all at once, she sat down to write. And that was that.

How does one begin? How do you take the shattered pieces of your life and recreate a new one? How do you prevent yourself from being on deaths door step and feeling as though you’ve never really lived?

I’ve been in the place in my life to answer those questions more than once. But this time I was 63 years old.

I never thought that much through in my life. I’d like to tell you that everything I did was calculated, but it was not! A door would open and I would pass through it. But the one thing I always had was the gumption to put in the work.

Gumption: NounINFORMAL shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.

Gumption, that sounds like a very old fashioned word. But it makes the difference between success and failure.

Let me also say I never quite felt like a success, and still don’t till this day. We put exceedingly high expectations out there for ourselves. It is one of the reasons I am writing this book.

I hope you will find inspiration in the pages of this book, or in this talk if you are hearing me speak in person. The one thing I know for sure. Anything you want to do in life begins with taking a small step towards it. Each step builds upon the one that came before it until you look back and find you have accomplished quite a lot!

Let’s get started.


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