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Directed Portfolio Build: You come to my studio, I arrange for everything, models hair & makeup. We get just the demographic you want and then we spend time creating beautiful images. Then we’ll bring them into Photoshop and retouch them! Two models a day, you can book 1-3 days. 3500/day. Includes food, but does not include lodging or transportation.


2 reviews for Portfolio Build

  1. Tracy Sparks

    my contribution today is from a recent experience with Kitti McMeel as a mentor. I believe 100% in mentoring but when you find a mentor (someone who pours into your life their expertise)who is also a coach (someone who pulls from you actions causing success or personal growth) and can switch between those two hats for your betterment you have to share the find! I spent two days with Kitti and learned so much about the craft and biz from her mentoring me but also came back to my studio with big insights about me that helped me decide the definition of success for me in this field – the how and why and what I need to implement into my photography business to be successful and guess what it’s not all about the money though I am thankful to Kitti for pointing out a lot of ways to price and save to generate wealth 😉 I can’t encourage you enough to invest in yourself by investing in a mentor. And don’t be afraid to interview your potential mentor to make sure you connect with their style. In my case I talked with Kitti at TPM Conference and also read a book that Kitti wrote which sealed the deal for me – her life experiences and successful photography journey answered many questions for me and any mentor you’re considering should have enough info published or grant an interview for you to begin to see how you two will connect. Good Luck in Your Photography aspirations and thank you for all of your daily posts that are growing me as a new photographer.

  2. Allexandra (verified owner)

    Working in person with Kitti McMeel was life-changing and business-changing. Initially, I was intrigued about working with Kitti for lots of reasons. Having started her photography business when she was older and having made a major career shift was one of them. She has been an inspiration to me ever since I heard her story. With every interview I saw or heard of Kitti, I was struck by her calm, caring, open, nurturing, down-to-earth personality. On the morning of my in-person portfolio-building day with Kitti I was late. I was late because I was terrified to the point that I couldn’t get out of bed. When I finally arrived, I apologized for being late and then came clean with tears welling up – that I felt like I had no idea what I was doing and why was I even there – who did I think I was? Kitti was kind, compassionate, and nurturing without coddling me, but instead projecting her confidence in me and pushing me gently but firmly. She, her makeup artist, and her models were phenomenal and after one day with them I had a huge portfolio that I was able to use right away. Kitti took the time to hear what I needed and guide me through what was most productive for my business at the time. My session with her was completely personalized to what I needed. Three months after the day I worked in person with Kitti I shot my first-ever paid portrait session and sold my middle package. Right off the bat. What?!?!?! Working with Kitti was hands down one of the most productive and helpful things I’ve done for my business. THANK YOU Kitti, for your unfailing strength, confidence, belief, and encouragement.

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