Mentoring with Kitti

I’m really thrilled to tell you about my mentoring as it is one of the greatest joys I have received watching those that I help achieve their goals! 
No two photographers are alike. Each is on their individual path, or rung of the ladder, so to speak. So I customize a program specifically for you. We take a look at what your goals are and where you are now and design a path for you to get there. If you sign up for mentoring with me you will be held accountable for the steps you take. I have some people that have moved through quickly and some that take some time. It all depends on what you put into it. You define your own success. Would love to have you mentor with me!
I offer mentoring by the hour and also package pricing. I find it’s usually best to start out with a two hour session, we can get a lot accomplished in that amount of time! If you are clear on your goals, a package may offer you a better option as its a little less expensive. I also offer in-studio folio builds and studio days with me. 
What can we get you started with? Let me know if you are ready to take action!!


Do you feel stuck?

Are you struggling to grow your photography business?

Not sure what to do next or which steps to take?

You’re not alone! I’ve been right where you are.

Are you a seasoned man or woman, lived 50 or more years on this planet and ready to make the leap into a new adventure, career or hobby? Building a successful photography business doesn’t have to be as tough. I know because I’ve done it. I started with no experience in photography what-so-ever. My average sale now is $3150. and my shooting schedule is what I want it to be. Whether you want to make 6 figures + or create a steady stream of disposable income or just keep relevant as you blossom into the final act of your life, I can help you get to where you want to go!

Whether your challenges are behind the camera or the business side of photography, let’s break through these barriers together!

Getting started in the Photography Business

Studio Layout – How to maximize a small space, what you Need vs Want.

Marketing Materials – What should I create first? Learn what works best and how to create it.

Equipment & Gear – What do you need vs want

Finding and Working with Hair & Makeup Artists

Marketing & Attracting Clients

How do I connect with clients?

Mini-shoot – Come to my studio and experience my process; what I do for my clients.


Folio Building

Mastering your Craft

Workflow – What tools work best. What I use and why.

Creating Videos

Shooting BTS – How to do it when it’s just you in the studio

Retouching – Basic Photoshop for Boomers, learning how to use layers, Sue Bryce’s two minute retouch, more advanced retouching. I’ve studied with the best of them and I can help you take your retouching to the next level.

Actions to speed up your retouching – purchase mine (starting at $5.00) or learn to create your own.

Spend the day at my Studio – Helping build a folio


Pricing – starting pricing and raising your pricing

Educating Clients

What to say and more importantly what not to say!

Ready to take your photography business to the next level?
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    Listen to what mentoring with me can do for you!

    I will customize a package according to your needs.
    I would love to help you succeed. Together we can do it!