Its been such a busy week!

January 30 – 2015

Studio remodel is in full swing. Thank you so much to Kirk Wisneski, his team of amazing guys always come through. Pablo did an amazing job removing the beautiful stripes he painted only a few short months ago. When Amie left without any warning, I didn’t quite know what I would do. And although it still upsets me that she didn’t live up to her commitment, as is all things in life, she did me a favor.

Met with fellow photographer Liz Barlak yesterday and had an awesome time shooting her! Got some killer images and hope to be processing them this week-end. That will begin after I complete the two shoots from this past week-end, Sara and John. What a joy they were! Im so happy when I see the images as they are uploading… some literally take my breath away. There is such a trust and vulnerability that happens in these sessions. It’s part of what I love so much, that people come before me, trust me with capturing their essence, and its such an amazing experience for me overtime!

Today I shoot Jordan, and tomorrow Rosa Marie… I’m so lucky!


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