“Kitti McMeel is a portrait photographer and motivational speaker living and working in Westlake Village, California. Kitti knows what it takes to start anew in life and has reinvented herself multiple times. She holds a patent in Programming of a speech processor for an implantable cochlear stimulator, has toured all over the country as a lead singer/lead guitar player, served as a consultant on emergency management software design for incident control used by government agencies including those managing the 911 terror attack, and managed a 260 acre horse and avocado ranch.

Kitti began her photography career after stumbling upon an online class presented by Sue Bryce, an international photographer and educator, and was convinced that she could in fact, become a photographer in 28 days as Sue promised. She vowed then to become a photographer, to meet and be photographed by Sue, and to build and maintain a successful portrait studio. Within a year of beginning her new career she accomplished all of that and more, becoming a part of Sue’s international support team for workshops and online through sheer hard work, determination and a #findaway attitude.

In just a few years Kitti has been featured in Voyage LA magazine, Everilluminated.com and Sue Bryce’ keynote presentation at the WPPI 2016 conference in Las Vegas, NV. Kitti’s studio has been featured twice on Sue Bryce’s Studio Tours web series which highlights highly successful portrait studios worldwide. Kitti was personally mentored and trained by Sue Bryce and listed as one of Sue’s recommended photographers. Kitti’s portraits have been published in Society Social Calendar, Beauty Revived magazines, The Acorn, Rethinking Your Future and Marieclaire.com.

Kitti has reached the level of Fellow in the Portrait Masters Accreditation program and serves as a mentor for The Portrait System educational platform and community. She recently earned two Silver Distinction awards from WPPI. This honor is rare and coveted by wedding and portrait photographers.

From Kitti
Welcome to my comfort zone! This is where I feel most at home, capturing images.

I’ve searched my entire life for my passion. I’ve done many great things and had a wonderful life. I was a rock n roll singer, an Engineering Psychologist, a Ranch Manager, a tennis player… well the list goes on and on…

… but it wasn’t until I started to pursue portrait photography that I realized it is the thing that gives me joy. Something that I can’t wait to do everyday. I’m so grateful to my friends and clients who have allowed me the privilege of capturing a moment in their lives… a moment that will last forever. It will live on throughout their lives, their childrens, grandchildren, and lifetimes to come. This is something really special, this is a gift, and I want to share it with you.

Why did I choose to shoot womens’ portraits?
Having struggled with self-image all of my life I understand in a very real way what that is like. I always thought my pictures looked better upside down! I hated to be photographed. So I picked up a camera… that way I was always behind, never in front of the lens.

Women are very special, they give and give to everyone but themselves. Each of us has our own beauty, and seldom do we see in ourselves what others see. I want you to see how beautiful you are.

I want to create a unique experience that is yours, because…

This time it’s all about you!


Kitti also serves as the marketing director and staff photographer for Society Social Calendar magazine, a sophisticated, photojournalistic legacy publication that reflects the heartbeat of the philanthropic community and the wonderful people who contribute their time and resources to our community.

Awards & Achievements

Kitti has achieved Fellow status in the prestigious Portrait Masters
Awards & Accreditation Program and has been personally mentored by internationally acclaimed portrait photographer and educator Sue Bryce. Kitti is honored to have been chosen as one of Sue Bryce’s coveted Mentor/Supporters for her Members Only education platform and has traveled the world supporting Sue as part of the teaching team for folio building for aspiring photographers.

Kitti was also featured in the keynote presentation given by Sue at the WPPI Conference and Expo which is the premier industry international event for photographers and image-makers specializing in the creative and business aspects of wedding and portrait photography.

Watch the intimate behind the scenes video of this event.